Placemaking, Performance & Profitability

At Wilder, we are experts at crafting perfectly positioned, retail-driven portfolios that create value and accelerate growth. Because we’re owners as well as operators, we understand all of the complexities, see all of the opportunities, and pay attention to all of the details in the day-to-day operations and long-term vision of each property.

Who We Are

We currently have an over seven million square foot portfolio which includes 37 properties in 12 states. Through the decades our expertise has continued to evolve. Today, we are both adept property managers and also proven specialists who can analyze existing retail properties for additional growth, repositioning, or mixed-use transformations. Wilder creatively integrates just the right mix of contemporary retail, residential, office, lab, and hotel uses into real estate assets from which our consumers, retailers, and investors all benefit.

Wilder is on the cutting edge of today’s changing industry with a sharp focus on strategic redevelopment and placemaking.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to meet the increased demand for experiential retail by curating highly targeted, fully immersive properties that establish (or maintain) market dominance through the direction of our leasing, management, marketing, and development teams.

Wilder has developed a comprehensive, integrated method to delivering our services, which we’ve named “The Wilder Way.” It is a unique, highly effective approach that identifies goals, aligns objectives and prioritizes constant communication and collaboration at all levels. We have demonstrated “The Wilder Way” successfully at numerous properties throughout the country and Puerto Rico, creating positive income growth and strengthening the profile of each center.

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Above all, we pride ourselves on our highly collaborative, hands-on approach that maximizes value creation and produces forward-thinking destinations.

The Future

In recent years, we’ve worked with nearly every tenant in our portfolio to ensure they survived & thrived and that our centers remained strong. While no one knows exactly what the future holds, we’re confident that our commitment to growing strong relationships, our unique collaborative approach and our ability to analyze properties for value creation make us the perfect partner as we all navigate shifting market conditions.

The landscape changes but the desire for authentic experiences does not.

Arsenal Yards from above, looking towards the downtown Boston skyline

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May 23, 2022

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May 18, 2022

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