Marketplace at Hamden

2335 Dixwell Avenue (Route 10), Hamden, CT 06514
235,600 SF

Major Tenants

  • Stop & Shop
  • T.J. Maxx
  • Staples
  • Old Navy
  • ULTA
  • Panera Bread (Coming Soon)

Property Facts

  • Affluent Community: Hamden, CT, is renowned for its affluence, creating a customer base with robust purchasing power.
  • Proximity to Greater New Haven: As part of the Greater New Haven area, Hamden offers extensive business opportunities and access to a diverse market.
  • Strategic Location: Positioned at the junction of Skiff Street and Dixwell Avenue (Route 10), Marketplace at Hamden benefits from a strategic location on major routes, enhancing visibility and accessibility. This makes it an ideal spot for businesses seeking high traffic and exposure.
  • “Magic Mile” Prestige: Hamden’s “Magic Mile” reputation, marked by a concentration of shopping centers and major retail stores, adds prestige and draws a significant number of shoppers.
  • Consumer Traffic: Marketplace at Hamden draws 2.4 million annual visits, with a loyal customer base averaging 5.99 visits per customer, creating a consistent flow of potential customers.
  • Top-Ranking Stores: Stop & Shop and Staples at Marketplace at Hamden hold the top positions in the state for performance (Stop & Shop: 1 out of 86, Staples: 1 out of 28), attracting more foot traffic and enhancing overall business visibility.
  • Diverse Shopping Options: With over one million square feet of shopping within a four-mile radius, including popular brands like Kohl’s, Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Party City, Walmart, and LA Fitness, there is ample shopping diversity, appealing to a wide range of consumers.
  • Local Favoritism: Marketplace ranks among the top 10 favored shopping centers locally, indicating positive sentiment within the community, a potential advantage for any businesses establishing themselves in the area.
  • Extensive Trade Area: The extensive trade area, particularly with the highest shopper density within a 10-mile radius, provides businesses with a broad reach and potential customer base.
  • High Traffic Volume: Dixwell Ave experiences over 24,400 Vehicle Per Day (VPD), coupled with significant perpendicular traffic in excess of 16,800 VPD, offering businesses exposure to a large number of potential customers passing through the area.


2022 Estimates 3 Miles 5 Miles 7 Miles
Population 67,534 202,625 300,154
Average HH Income $102,173 $95,021 $97,305
Median Age 41 yrs 37 yrs 37 yrs
Daytime Population 28,390 119,995 148,003

2023 Placer.Ai - Pop Stats

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